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FREE Law of Attraction  Event every Saturday

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Hosted by Eldin Hasa (Executive Coach, Author & Spiritual Mentor) and Guru Manash Mishra from India (Executive Coach,Author & Spiritual Master)

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How to change your life?

The Law of Attraction method: what you put in, you get back. It all depends on the your energy, like your thoughts, emotions and actions. You attract to you what you are subconsciously broadcasting out to the world. 


Many people ask the question. 

How do I feel a feeling of an experience that I haven't had yet?

Well, think about this.Number one feeling that we feel when our life begins to change or we begin to have feedback from our environment that what we're doing inside of us is producing an effect outside of us.

The most common emotion that we feel is a love for life, a joy for existence, grateful, real deep sense of gratitude.

Now think about the emotional signature of gratitude, emotional signature of gratitude.

That means that something has already happened.

When you receive something or when you're given something or you have are in the 

process of receiving or have received it, you give thanks.

So the moment you start feeling this emotion of appreciation and thankfulness, you'll automatically say thank you.

Which means I've just received something.

I'm acknowledging that I'm receiving it from you.

Most people live their lives waiting for something outside of them to 

change how they feel inside of them.

They're waiting for their new relationship they're, waiting for the new job they're, waiting for the new mystical moment to occur before they feel the emotion So basically, they're spending the majority of their time waiting and not creating living in lack, living in emptiness, living in fear, waiting for that external event to take away their emptiness or pain.

That's Newtonian model of reality of cause and effect.

Turns out, though,the moment you're feeling that lack,

you tend to try harder and force in control and try to predict or manipulate the 

outer world because you're doing everything you can because you're experiencing a separation or polarity from what you want.

You're waiting for it to happen and not creating when you combine a clear intention with an elevated emotion.

Heart centred emotion.

Not the emotions of survival that our anger and hostility and aggression and competition or hatred or envy or jealous or insecurity or fear, or anxiety or pain or suffering or guilt shame those are derived from the hormones of stress.

An elevated emotion is a heart centred emotion and a heart centred emotion lacks polarity.

  • This is the centre of ones.

This is the centre of holds.

This is the union of opposites.

This is our connection, our bridge to the quantum field.

This is where we connect when you begin to feel a heart centred emotion.

What you're doing is you're falling in love with your life, so your body is your unconscious mind.

It does not know the difference between an experience that creates an emotion and an emotion that you're creating by thought alone.

Your body is believing it's living in the future reality in the present moment.

Now think about this.

The latest research on genes says the environment signals the gene. 

Wellthe end product of an experience in the environment is called an emotion.

So when you begin to embrace the emotion ahead of the actual experience, you're signalling the gene ahead of the environment.

And now you're beginning to instruct and select new genes that make new proteins and proteins are responsible for the structure and function of your body.

So you're literally becoming your dream.

You're literally becoming it.

So when you feel that emotion, you tend to be less interested in looking around outside of you, of how it's gonna happen if you're walking around conditioning your body every day to feel that emotion that you're in love with yourself and you're in love with life and you're worthy to receive and you're open and you're inspired and you're optimistic and your enthusiastic and you're feeling that emotion.

You feel like your future has already happened, so you're less likely to feel lack or separation.

Once energy makes it to the centre and you feel gratitude, that centre begins to produce a measurable magnetic field.

That's a frequency that's energy in all frequency carries information.

So now you can lay the thought of your new relationship on that frequency, and now you're broadcasting a whole new electromagnetic signature into the field.

So then the longer you're conscious of that energy, the more you're calling your future to you.

When this centre is opened up, you're connected to the quantum field.

So now you don't have to go anywhere to get it, to try to force it or controlled or predicted.

In fact, you're the magnet, your collapsing time and space, and the event is being drawn to you, and it comes in synchronicity is in.

Serendipity is and coincidences opportunities.

Now the antithesis is also true the moment you feel angry because you're in traffic the moment you judge your coworker because all of a sudden they push an emotional button the moment you feel sorry for yourself, victimized or self pity, you're now admitting a different energy.

In fact, you're back to the energy of your past and you just disconnected from your future.

So then people's dreams stay at arm's length from them.

So people ask me all the time.

Well, how come my new relationship hasn't happened?

And I tell them the same thing.

Take out a piece of paper and write down everything you wanted in a new relationship and then become that person because question fundamentally is, would you go out with you?

So if the answer is you starting to love yourself so much that you no longer need another person, you're no longer in lack.

Then you magnetize an equal. It just happens as a side effect, and it doesn't happen in ways that you can produce.

It happens in different ways.

So the emotions of gratitude,appreciation, thankfulness, a love for life, joy for existence, worthy to receive, inspired, enthusiastic, to be alive, looking forward, and then excitement anticipation to the unknown, staying in that energy without analysing. 

That's the energy that allows the unknown to begin to occur.

So what you're doing is you're teaching your body emotionally with that future feels like.

And when you're in a state of gratitude, you're in the perfect state to receive the fruits of your efforts.


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