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Neuroscientist teaching people how  to rewire their brain for success in every area of their lives.

Business and Life Coaching

WhatsApp: +447455885582 

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As a Neuroscientist I have been coaching and teaching for over 18 years and worked with fortune 500 companies on company dynamics, leadership and productivity, and helped thousands of people internationally.

I also run a coaching certification program and teach other coaches.

I teach tools and methods so people can heal their own emotional trauma, reprogram their subconscious mind, create new neural synaptic connections, create new neural pathways, remove and replace self limiting beliefs, self regulate their thoughts and emotions, create and maintain brain and heart coherence and create permanent transcendental transformation.

What is the biggest enemy of success? There are three big enemies of success. Watch this video to find out more.

I use revolutionary methods to propel people to reprogram their Subconscious Mind, Elevate their Mindset, Heart and Skillsets to perform at the Olympic Championship Level so they can thrive in life and business. If you'd like to improve your business, your career, your team or your personal life to be elevated and forever transformed YOU need my training.

I’m here to help humanity reach its greatest potential. I specialize in revealing the limiting beliefs and subconscious narratives that dictate and shape behavior, health, relationships, and performance.

Find Spiritual Freedom, Mental Peace & Physical Vitality.

We believe that people have limitless potential to transform themselves, their organizations and communities. We offer an approach to coaching that is fresh, flexible and results-driven to accelerate the growth of yourself, of your people,

and your business results.

Case Study
Client Bobby suffered from anxiety and panic attacks that controlled his life. Through the training provided at the Formula EQ Academy and 1:1 coaching, Bobby eliminated his need for prescription medicine he had taken for over 30 years.
He cured his Anxiety and is so inspired by what he has accomplished that he is in the middle of writing a book about his life-changing experience to help teach people to understand that it is possible to change these things we previously thought were impossible. Through coaching, Bobby learned how to alleviate his anxiety, self-regulate, sustain, and maintain the peak state of highly elevated brain and heart coherence to deal with any situation and anything that life throws at him.

Case Study - Healing Anxiety


Bespoke Personal and Business Growth Coaching and Consulting

We all have places in our life where we are blocked and have certain things that always seem to be out of reach, and no matter what we try and how hard we work for it.

Working together, we will identify those blocks, remove them completely, reprogram your subconscious mind and recreate your future with business coaching and life coaching by Eldin.

We will Level Up your Personal Life and Business

Single Session $333

This is a 1 hour Foundation session to build a launchpad for you to take off from, and achieve your next big goal.

I will help you identify the road blocks, help you remove them and reprogram your subconscious mind in your life and business, and we will create a path for you to follow, and achieve your next level through Eldin proprietary Business Coaching and Life Coaching.

Weekly Coaching $1200 per month

When you choose to go to the next level, you need a plan to make it come true and assistance to get you there.

I will help you identify the road blocks, help you remove them and reprogram your subconscious mind in your life and business, and we will create a path for you to follow, and achieve your next level.

If you have goals that are worth achieving, monthly plan is your solution. Join Eldin's Business Coaching and Life Coaching today!

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Order a copy of my Book

A step by step guide to improving your life!

In this book you will discover how to thrive in life, career, business, and relationships!

Are you wasting precious time and hard-earned money on methods of change that don’t produce lasting results?

In this book you will discover:

🍀 Who you really are

🍀What you are capable of being, doing and having

🍀 How to achieve your goals and desires 

🍀 Actionable steps to improve your life and relationships exponentially 

🍀 Methods that produce lasting results 

🍀 Overcome Traumas, Addictions and Self-Limiting Beliefs. 

🍀 How to develop thriving relationships with everyone including with your children.

🍀 How to nurture unconditional love, profound self-love, joy, happiness, confidence and fulfilment.

Transform Your Life

Eldin is the Best Coach in London, England, exclusively working with peak performers, high achievers, and high net-worth individuals from the field of business, music, film, and sport.
Eldin is a Mind Architect, #1 Expert on Human Potential & Peak Performance,  Serial Entrepreneur| Finance | Realestate | Education | Peak Performance Coach | Author | Podcast Host. He has clients in 20 countries, delivering unprecedented results for over 15 years.

  • Unlock Your Fullest Potential

  • Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

  • Remove Self Limiting Beliefs

  • Achieve Peak Mindset

  • Achieve Peak Emotional Resilience 

  • Overcome Trauma

  • Great Intimate Relationship

  • Fix your marriage 

  • Achieve great relationship with your children

  • Increase sales in your Business

  • Achieve your Goals 

  • Transform Your Life with Eldin Hasa Coaching 

Get a FREE Copy of my Book
Are We All F*cked?.jpg

Can we thrive in life?

Can we be happy in Relationships?

Yes we can!

Download your Free step by step guide to becoming a best version of yourself!

In this book you will discover:

🍀 Who you really are.

🍀What you are capable of being, doing and having.

🍀 How to achieve your goals, dreams and desires. 

🍀 Actionable steps to improve your life and your  relationships exponentially. 

🍀 Methods that produce lasting results. 

In this book, there are many teachings and methods not to make us into something that we are not, but rather to awaken us to the truth of who we are, and what we are capable of being, doing and having. 




Eldin is one in a trillion and there is no-one better who I'd go to for coaching and advice. He has helped me overcome major issues in my life after a divorce, and helped my 2 daughters for years. 

Eldin's positive energy and joy for living is infectious. 

Highly recommended. 

Daniel (CEO) Property Investor & Developer, London, UK


Very powerful and empowering session! I feel more confident already and have a better clarity and understanding on what I need to do daily to achieve my objectives.  I feel truly blessed for having you as my coach and with your coaching and mentoring I feel so positive about my future and feel  that I can achieve anything. 

Ambreen, Marketing Consultant, India 


I am now on day 31 and can't even begin to tell you how much better I feel. I am already up for trying new things and I am getting more done in time whilst having a positive mindset and  my confidence is through  the roof. I am going to carry on with our session and everything that you have taught me for a long time. Thank you for everything 

James, Student, London UK


You are my amazing teacher ! With your great impact on coaching I can transform incredibly! 

You put smile on my face! 

You bring happy and peaceful moments to my life! 

I cannot express all my gratitude... but I will do a video clip to send you!  Thank you so much Eldin!

Nga Tran, Executive, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 



Within the first 30 days of coaching 
with Eldin Hasa, 98 % of clients report
tremendous improvement
in these areas:

You can be, do and have anything you desire when you improve your emotional quotient, eliminate pain & self-limiting beliefs and have clarity, confidence and compelling vision of your future, and take the daily positive actions to achieve your goals.
Don't overthink it, just do something positive every day and let the compound effect work for you in achieving magic and miracles in your life.
As you apply positive daily rituals, a successful NEW YOU will emerge.

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