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Secrets To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions Every Time.

Article by Eldin Hasa


Seven reasons why your New Year resolutions don't work and what to do instead.

Despite our best intentions, why is it so difficult to stick to resolutions? It doesn't matter if the resolution is to start a new habit or to give up an addiction; it all comes down to consistency and dedication.

Most people blame their failure to fulfil resolutions on a lack of time, resources, or motivation, or a loss of zeal after starting. Only about 8 percent of people are able to follow their resolutions, according to research. The majority give up within one to six weeks of starting. Usually by first week of February.

There are many reasons why most New Year resolutions don't stick. The main question is: What can be done about this?

Let's take a closer look at the 7 main reasons:


  1. Setting unrealistic resolutions


A resolution is about what you would like to do rather than what you 'should' do. People either establish excessively difficult objectives that quickly become unreachable, or they set relatively easy goals that they quickly become bored with. It's critical to review your resolutions to see if they're achievable.

Are they quantifiable? Are they constrained by time? Are they specific in nature?

Are they in line with your goals? Is it possible to break them down into smaller chunks? Is it possible to achieve them within the time frame you've set? Remember that in order to keep a resolve, you must change your behaviour, so make sure your goals are reasonable.


2. Lack of accountability

Working with a coach, mentor, or accountability partner guarantees that the proper energy and drive are present to help you be more, accomplish more, and have more. Because success is a science, we can be sure that if we follow the steps, we will achieve our goals.

Avoid people who sap your energy when choosing an accountability partner,

and instead work with people that elevate and encourage you, especially when you're feeling down.


3. No tracking/review

A weekly or fortnightly review allows you to keep track of your progress and turn excuses into opportunities.

What gets measured gets done, and what gets done can be improved and made a habit with the help of a good tracking system. Many of the apparent barriers are based on assumptions, inferences, judgments, overthinking, and previous points of reference. A track record of accomplishments aids in the development of resolution consistency.


4. Lack of Planning

Great planning is always required for a good implementation. It is more realistic if you plan the action steps around the resolution, break them down into smaller pieces, and schedule them on the calendar. Weekly objectives and plans that are bite-sized create a sense of accomplishment rather than "Oh, I have an entire year to myself, I can always re-start next month when I have more time."

Planning also ensures that all necessary adjustments are sketched out ahead of time, along with an understanding of potential challenges. This boosts your chances of success, especially when it comes to long-term goals.

I write the night before 6 goal achieving actions that I will complete today as a priority.

And if I only complete 3 today, I carry them over to the next day. Tomorrow I don't have 9, I have the 3 from yesterday, and I write another 3 high priority actions. So each day you aim to complete 6 high priory goal achievement actions, and soon you've achieved your goal.

5. Self-doubt

Don't allow your past failures dictate your future. After you've learned from your failures, it's time to get to work.

Every tiny victory should be celebrated because it motivates you to work harder for the larger ones. Being self-critical or doubtful doesn't help since it focuses all of your attention and energy on "why I can't do this?" As you improve, practice thankfulness, compassion, and love for yourself, and don't let a minor setback or disappointment turn into a permanent failure. Remember that progress is preferable to perfection, and that if you believe in yourself, you can achieve a lot with proper planning, execution, learning, seeking help, and appropriate coaching. Continue on; you are not alone!


6. Unclear Why

"Why" A majority of people fail to achieve their objectives because their 'why' is unclear. The 'why' is what motivates people to take action and achieve goals. You may know what you want, but you won't be able to figure out how to get it unless you know why you want it. So, why are you making these resolutions? What motivates you to achieve these objectives? What motivates you to do what you do? What emotional connection does your 'why' have? All excuses go away when the purpose is strong, and one naturally switches from a fixed attitude to a growing mindset.

7. Self-Limiting Beliefs & Programmes

Self-Limiting Beliefs are thoughts, opinions that one believes to be the absolute truth. They tend to have a negative impact on one's life by stopping them from moving forward and growing on a personal and professional level. They are stored in your subconscious mind as a set of programmes, unconscious beliefs, unconscious habits, unconscious attitudes, unconscious behaviours that are installed/learned in the the first 7 years of your life.

These programmes are mostly disempowering, and are the main reason why 92% of people who set new years resolutions and goals, quit by February 1st.

There are many ways to identify your limiting beliefs. A natural way of doing that is by listening to the little voices in your head. It's that voice that is constantly telling you that you cannot do, be, or have something. But learning to identify them is only analysis. Now that you know what is stoping you to achieve success in every are of your life, does it help you achieve you goals? NO!

If you have certain things in your life that seem to come easy to you, almost effortlessly, it is because you have positive and empowering programmes in your subconscious mind that support them. On the other hand if you have certain things that seem to be always out of reach, you feel like you always have to work so hard, you can never get them no matter what you try, it's because you have negative and disempowering programmes in your subconscious mind that don't support them. And you are literally unconsciously self-sabotaging your success.

Learn to reprogram your subconscious mind and your life will become easy!

Ninety-five percent of who you are is a subconscious or even an unconscious state of being. And that means your conscious mind’s five percent is working against the ninety-five percent of what you’ve learned and memorized subconsciously. You can think positively all you want, but that five percent of your mind that’s conscious will feel as if it’s swimming upstream against the current of the other ninety-five percent of your mind—your unconscious body chemistry that has been remembering and memorizing whatever negativity you’ve been harboring for the past 35 years; that’s mind and body working in opposition. No wonder you don’t get very far when you try to fight that current!

...You must get beyond the conscious mind and enter into the operating system of your subconscious programmes and remove self-limiting beliefs and disempowering programmes if you want your new thoughts to result in new positive outcomes and improve in every area of your life.


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You can be, do and have anything you desire when you improve your emotional quotient, eliminate pain & self-limiting beliefs and have clarity, confidence and compelling vision of your future, and take the daily positive actions to achieve your goals.
Don't overthink it, just do something positive every day and let the compound effect work for you in achieving magic and miracles in your life.
As you apply positive daily rituals, a successful NEW YOU will emerge.

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