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Relationship  Coaching


For most people living with the Covid pandemic, lockdowns, quarantine is so very challenging and has a strain on their intimate relationship.


Clients tell me that there are moments that fear, anxiety, sheer frustration in life makes their head spin. They feel as if they are living in a pressure cooker and feel very irritable.


Spending a lot of time in their head. Their thoughts far from positive.


They may worry about their health, finances, wonder if they will still have a job, next week, next month.


When your partner asks if you are all right, your

answers are short, in a way that there is no conversation possible.


Until the moment that something small, perhaps an unexpected sound, or something which is said or asked makes you EXPLODE.


You shout, you scream, you argue, you say hurtful things that you cannot take back. Perhaps you even raise your hand and hit you spouse. 


Your children quietly disappear, to the next room, or

corner of the room, cry, they feel traumatised, worried about their parents. 


Your partner looks at you in distress and doesn't know what to say.


You see it and the guilty feelings are overwhelming.


You feel you are bad, feel guilty, not worth their love.


This anger divides you, you feel the gap widening, you just don't know how to close it again, you feel exhausted, saying sorry does not seem enough any more. 


Would you like to improve your relationship?


If you've experienced similar or worse in your relationship and seem to be going nowhere and looking for answers my coaching program is for you.

Would you like to resolve these issues once and for all with practical solutions developed for over 10 years?


Would you like to experience the honeymoon period every day for the next few decades and have an effortless relationship full of profound love, joy, happiness and fulfilment? 



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How Would You Like Us To Hold You By The Hand As You 

Improve Your Relationship 

How it works?

After initial consultation, we use several different methods that are bespoke to you as an individual or a couple, we create a programme that is designed to give you clarity and unlock the profound sense of everlasting love, joy, happiness and fulfilment back in your relationship and your life. 


Who is this programme for?

  • People who are in the relationship or married 

  • Single and wish to learn how to attract the ideal partner 

  • 12 Months Relationship Coaching Programme designed to give you clarity and unlock the profound sense of everlasting love, joy, happiness and fulfilment back in your relationship and your life. 

  • Why we do what we do?

  • Practical solutions uniquely designed for you as an individual or as a couple.

  • Give you tools to have a honeymoon period for the rest of your life. 

What You're Gonna Get....

Pay upfront for 12 months



Pay in monthly instalments 


£900 per month



Eldin is one in a trillion and there is no-one better who I'd go to for coaching and advice. He has helped me overcome major issues in my life after a divorce, and helped my 2 daughters for years. 

Eldin's positive energy and joy for living is infectious. 

Highly recommended. 

Daniel (CEO) Property Investor & Developer, London, UK


Very powerful and empowering session! I feel more confident already and have a better clarity and understanding on what I need to do daily to achieve my objectives.  I feel truly blessed for having you as my coach and with your coaching and mentoring I feel so positive about my future and feel  that I can achieve anything. 

Ambreen, Marketing Consultant, India 


I am now on day 31 and can't even begin to tell you how much better I feel. I am already up for trying new things and I am getting more done in time whilst having a positive mindset and  my confidence is through  the roof. I am going to carry on with our session and everything that you have taught me for a long time. Thank you for everything 

James, Student, London UK


You are my amazing teacher ! With your great impact on coaching I can transform incredibly! 

You put smile on my face! 

You bring happy and peaceful moments to my life! 

I cannot express all my gratitude... but I will do a video clip to send you!  Thank you so much Eldin!

Nga Tran, Executive, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 



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