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Emotional Fitness &  Self Love

Building an emotional fitness is vital. Just understanding emotions is like going to a presentation, and a trainer is talking about how the treadmill works for an hour, you understand it and go home and do nothing. You have to get on the treadmill for an hour every day, for 90 days, six months, or one year to get the benefits. There is no point in understanding emotions; you have to exercise them every day. You have to build your emotional fitness every day. There is a big difference between emotional intelligence (knowing) and emotional fitness. A lot of unfit people know a lot about the gym but never go or do any practice. 

Emotional fitness is the idea that to lead a healthy, happy emotional lives, we need consistent habits and exercise that support our mental health and wellbeing.  Just like physical health depends on a foundation of good diet and exercise habits, our emotional health depends on a foundation of positive rituals and exercises.



Most of my clients had a problem with self-love. They struggle to feel love for themselves and to feel lovable. To a degree, most people struggle with the same. All of them desire to elevate their feeling of profound self-love and to feel loved by others. The more people struggle with self-love, the less they can acknowledge the love given by others.

When I work with my clients, I provide functional coaching and focus on finding the root cause of the problem. I don't focus just on the symptoms but help them release past traumas and past pains, usually within the first four sessions, and equip them with tools to practice at home, daily and consistently, to improve their emotional fitness and their lives. 

The purpose of doing the deep internal work is to claim your power; you will feel more self-love, self-confidence, freedom, inner peace, joy, and profound happiness and fulfilment.   

After a short time, some people begin to feel the deep sensation of release and feel lighter and open. Some clients have told me that they felt like their heart had opened up fully, and they felt the courage to feel vulnerable and let people in, as they began to feel profound self-love and self-confidence.

Using Removal of Pain & Traumas by using Rapid Transformation System ™

Developed by Eldin Hasa over the last 10 years. 

Transform Your Life with Eldin's Rapid Transformation System ™ in as little as 6 personalised sessions by focusing on the root cause of the problems, removal of pain and trauma which in most cases stems from your childhood.



Eldin is one in a trillion and there is no-one better who I'd go to for coaching and advice. He has helped me overcome major issues in my life after a divorce, and helped my 2 daughters for years. 

Eldin's positive energy and joy for living is infectious  

Highly recommended. 

Daniel (CEO) Property Investor & Developer, London, UK


Very powerful and empowering session! I feel more confident already and have a better clarity and understanding on what I need to do daily to achieve my objectives.  I feel truly blessed for having you as my coach and with your coaching and mentoring I feel so positive about my future and feel  that I can achieve anything. 

Ambreen, Marketing Consultant, India 


I am now on day 31 and can't even begin to tell you how much better I feel. I am already up for trying new things and I am getting more done in time whilst having a positive mindset and  my confidence is through  the roof. I am going to carry on with our session and everything that you have taught me for a long time. Thank you for everything 

James, Student, London UK

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