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♦️ YES we can and you will discover in this book how to thrive in life, career, business, and relationships!

Are you wasting precious time and hard-earned money on methods of change that don’t produce lasting results?

In this book you will discover:

🍀 Who you really are

🍀What you are capable of being, doing and having

🍀 How to achieve your goals and desires 

🍀 Actionable steps to improve your life and relationships exponentially 

🍀 Methods that produce lasting results 

🍀 Overcome Traumas, Addictions and Self-Limiting Beliefs. 

🍀 How to develop thriving relationships with everyone including with your children.

🍀 How to nurture unconditional love, profound self-love, joy, happiness, confidence and fulfilment.


In this book, there are many teachings and methods not to make us into something that we are not, but rather to awaken us to the truth of who we are and what we are capable of being and having. 



Hi Eldin.. Just bought and read your book this morning. Truly loved it and will be reading it again. I had childhood trauma from 8 to 23 ending up with a diagnosis of complex post traumatic disorder in 2017 and just found my self nodding 'yes, exactly this' at every page! The ego is something people don't focus on as much as they should. Great book and wonderful of you to share your personal journey too.

Sonal Bhaskaran, London, UK


Hi Eldin, just wanted to say that I read the segment in your book regarding relationships and think its brilliant. Helped me so much with my relationship and to see how certain actions will effect someone.

Thank you for everything, you’re a wonderful man. 

James, London, UK


100% recommend Eldin as an honest and sincere human being, with a great focus of helping people all around the world. I love your book and you have helped me so much with your coaching.

Luke, London, UK 


Thanks Eldin, I love the book, especially the chapter about Self-Love and  the practical steps to Improve. my Self-Love and Self-Confidence.

Anastasia, London, UK



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